Best Online Poker Tournament Sites (2021).

Online poker has seen a significant rise in popularity due to the tournament scene. Online poker tournaments offer a great way to play poker. Every player has the chance to win huge amounts of money for a small investment. Poker tournaments can provide a lot of excitement. You don't even have to leave your home to win hundreds or thousands of dollars in tournaments, thanks to the increasing guaranteed prize pools.

You want to win money by playing poker tournaments. To do this, you need to choose the best poker sites that offer the most MTT schedules and selections. To succeed, you need to have enough tournaments, large prize pools, and well-structured events. This extensive list of the best poker tournament sites will help you find the right place to play. Our list includes a variety of MTTs, SNGs, and online poker rooms.

What is a Poker Tournament?

Poker tournaments are competitions that begin at a specific time. Each player buys in for the same amount and gets the same amount of chips. Once they run out chips, players are removed from the tournament and only a few of the participants will be awarded a prize. The winner takes home the largest payout. There is a set number of players who finish the tournament. The buy-in for an event is usually about twice the amount of the lowest paying finisher.

Poker tournaments are simple in math: The majority of players will finish below those who were paid the least, and the tournament does not pay out. The winner may go home with significant money. Poker tournaments are a great way to win big. When comparing cash games to tournaments, you will see that new players tend to start with tournaments.

Buy-ins and prizes in tournaments

Each player must pay a buy-in to enter a poker tournament. They also receive a set number of chips. An average online poker tournament costs $1-215 to enter. The prize pool is anywhere from $100-100k. The rake is a small percentage of the buy-in. No cash value is given to tournament chips. You can't lose any chips if you run out. You can also purchase additional tournament chips by purchasing re-buys or add-ons at some tournaments.

Although the buy-ins are the main source of prizes, there are guaranteed tournaments in which the house will pay a portion. The prize pool will grow as the players increase in number. The majority of tournaments have a proportional pool. This means that the payouts are determined based on a percentage. The number of participants will determine the distribution of prizes. As such, the payout positions increase as more people participate in the tournament. Because the scales are extremely top-heavy, the winner could take home many times as much as the lowest paid finisher. To accumulate enough chips to make it to the final table, many players take huge risks.

Leaderboards can award additional prizes in online tournament series. This means that top performers in multiple tournaments can receive additional compensation. These series include the Spring Championship of Online Poker by PokerStars and MILLIONS Online from partypoker.

Multi-Table Tournaments

Multi-table tournaments (MTTs) are the most common format for online poker tournaments. Like all tournaments, each player must pay a buy-in and receive a stack with chips. MTTs are played at multiple tables and usually have a minimum of 9 players per table. Some tournaments have 8-6, 4 or 2 players per player. Heads-up tournaments are those with only two players per table.

After players have started to get out of the tourney the tables are balanced so that some tables are broken and players are randomly moved to empty tables. It's not easy to win MTTs, but you are usually awarded a large score if your table makes it to the final table.

Online tournament series host the largest multi-table tournaments. These tournaments offer tremendous value to skilled players, as the guaranteed prize pools can be huge. Many novice players will also qualify for the largest prize pools via satellites. Learn more about tournament strategy and how to win tournament poker.

Sit & Go (SNGs).

Sit & Go tournaments (SNGs) are usually one or two tables long and start right after each seat has been filled. You can find several SNGs on the most popular poker sites and networks. They start every minute. These are a great way to practice your tournament skills before jumping into multi-table tournaments. SNGs pay out to the top 2 or 3.

Tournament play

It can be overwhelming to see all the different tournaments available at an online poker site. Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular tournament formats.

Freezeout tournaments

The most popular format for tournament poker is the freezeout. The tournament is canceled if a player runs out of chips. The tournament continues until the final table is reached and the winner is determined.

Turbo tournaments

Turbo tournaments are MTTs-standard tournaments in which the blind levels rise quickly. This allows for fast gameplay and lots of action, as stacks shrink quickly. If you are short on time, turbo tournaments can be a good choice.

Shootout tournaments

MTTs that shootout tournaments are, in which each table is played until only one player remains at each table. Each table's winner will move on to the next round. The process continues until the last table is reached, at which point the winner will be determined. The shootout will be more intense if there is a larger field.

Bounty tournaments

Bounty tournaments offer MTTs where a player can win a prize in addition to the traditional prize pool. This provides an extra incentive to play aggressively against smaller stacks. Bounty tournaments are very popular and involve a lot of action. They also require a different strategy to traditional MTTs.

Rebuy tournaments

Rebuy tournaments let players purchase additional chips in the event they run out or are below a certain amount of chips. This is similar to reloading your cash stack in a cash game. The rebuys must also be purchased within the designated rebuy period. There may be an option to purchase an add-on for all players after the rebuy period ends. This means that you can purchase additional chips before the tournament begins.

Tournaments for re-entry

Re-entry tournaments allow players to buy back in after they have lost all their chips. This is for a certain number of blind levels, such as the first 10 levels. Re-entry is considered a new buy-in. This means that players will be given a new seat at the new table upon re-entering. Re-entry events may allow you to buy back in one, twice or infinitely depending on the rules.

Satellite tournaments

Satellites are tournaments in which you play for entry to a larger tournament. You can choose to play for a satellite that offers a buy-in into a live tournament, or one that allows you to enter a larger online event. Satellites starting at a mere few cents online are a great way for beginners to try their hand at bigger tournaments.

Deepstack tournaments

Deepstack tournaments have a higher starting stack than the blinds and are MTTs. A normal tournament may have 10,000 chips and blinds of 100/100, but a deepstack tournament could see players start with 30,000 chips and the same blinds levels. This gives everyone 300 big blinds. Because the structure is deeper, there will be more play afterflop and fewer all-in confrontations. Deepstack tourneys are preferred by many skilled players because they allow them to capitalize on their skills more effectively.

Heads-Up tournaments

Heads-up tournaments consist of shootouts where only two players are allowed per table. You must win multiple rounds of heads up matches and defeat every opponent to win the tournament. You must be aggressive to win heads-up. Since you are in the blinds every hand, and must compete for the most pots, it is necessary to play head-up well.

Guaranteed tournaments

Guaranteed tournaments offer a guaranteed prize pool to players, even if buy-ins are not sufficient to cover the prize pool. A $100k guaranteed tournament would mean that the prize pool would be at least $100k regardless of how many people enter the tournament. The tournament will have an overlay if the buy-ins do not cover the prize pool. This means that the house has to pay the remaining amount.


Freerolls are tournaments where you can enter for free, but win real cash prizes. Freerolls are a great way to start your poker career. They can help you win more money and increase your bankroll. Freerolls are a great way to start your career in tournament poker. Tournament Poker