Do you dream of winning the lottery? These stories could change your mind.

Happiness is not always bought with money. Some lottery winners have been insolvent, divorced, sentenced to prison, and even murdered.

Experts warn that if you don't get in touch with a trusted tax professional or an investment advisor, you could be in serious financial trouble. Telling your family and friends that you have won could result in close relatives asking for money. Many lottery winners don't know how to save their millions.

It may seem impossible to win a billion dollars or millions, but here are some horror stories about U.S. lottery winners.

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  1. William Bud Post. The Beaver County Times reported that Post won Pennsylvania's $16.2 Million Jackpot in 1988. Post was then thrown into a series of unfavorable situations. Post's ex-girlfriend sued him to get a portion of the winnings. She won. His brother hired a hitman to try and inherit some of the cash. Others spent months requesting money. Post declared bankruptcy within a month after winning and he owed $1 million.

  2. Janite Lee. According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Janite Lee is an immigrant who worked in a wig shop in South Korea before she won $18 Million in 1993's Illinois Lottery. Lee was to receive an annual payment of $620,000. She used the opportunity to purchase a million-dollar house for her family. She later sold her rights on her annual checks to receive a lump sum amount. Lee, 60 years later, filed for bankruptcy. She was left with $2.5million in debt.

  3. Abraham Shakespeare. Shakespeare won $30 million in a Florida lottery in 2006. He was then murdered three years later. According to ABC News, DeeDee Moore shot the 47-year old twice in his chest. Moore was a friend of Shakespeare after he won the lottery. Moore was convicted of first-degree murder in 2012.

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