How to Win Canada Lotto Max

It may seem impossible to win the Canada Lotto Max jackpot. However, these tips will help you win more prizes than just playing random numbers.

  1. You can play all combinations

Playing all 99.884,400 numbers combinations is the only way to be certain of winning the jackpot!

At the current price of $1.66 per ticket, the total cost would be staggering $165 808,104

To be profitable, the jackpot would need to be greater than the costs.

What if there were more than one winner? Because it is prohibitively expensive, this strategy won't work. It's impossible to buy all the tickets, and even if it were possible, the jackpot is not large enough to make it profitable. Let's now look at some practical strategies.

info icon 2. Information icon 2.

This is the best way to win! After every draw, we compile extensive statistics. We also track which combinations of numbers are winning most often. This means that you can win more often by playing them than the odds would allow.

  1. Select your numbers from Canada Lotto Max predictions

You can also increase your chances of winning by selecting only half the numbers from the entire pool using our Canada Lotto Max system predictions strategy. This could dramatically reduce your chances of winning. Take a look at the strategy.

  1. Participate in the creation of predictions by users using Wisdom of Crowds.

The system uses Wisdom of Crowds, where a group of random people (our customers) attempt to predict the outcome of the lottery. See how they have predicted the future.

  1. Do not play combinations that were drawn before

Don't play any combinations that were drawn in the previous draw.

Since then, none of these winning combinations have been repeated. You will almost certainly never win another jackpot by playing them. You may still be eligible for smaller prizes, but it is better to save your time and money than waste your money. Don't buy numbers that have been drawn before.

It is possible to do this for any reason, but it has never worked. This will reduce your chances of winning by more than 60 million.


info icon 6. Don't play low numbers as your birthday date

Birthday dates limit you to only playing numbers between 1-31. We know from past draws that there was always a higher number than 31 in most jackpots.

  1. Do not play consecutive numbers

It is best to avoid playing consecutive numbers such as 1-2-3,4-5,6-7. This phenomenon has never been seen before and it would surprise you how many people use these numbers. If these numbers were to be chosen, you would need to share the jackpot.

info icon 8. The same last digits? This is a bad idea!

Similar to playing consecutive numbers, you shouldn't play numbers with the same last number as 1-11-21-31-401. This hasn’t happened in the recent past so it is best not to use it.

info icon 9. Play the right proportion ODD vs. EVEN numbers

The best ODD vs EVEN ratio is 4 odd and 3 or 3 even, or 3 odd and 4 every. When picking your numbers, don't pick them all odd or even. Check out our detailed Canada Lotto Max statistics page for more information.

info icon 10. Participate in Lottery syndicates

Your chances of winning can be increased by playing in lottery syndicates. It is important to find the right people and to draft a syndicate agreement to ensure everyone is covered in case there is a win. Online lottery syndicates are also available, but you need to do your research and ensure that they are legitimate.