Lotto Wednesday ticket buyers need to hope for 48th-time lucky

These numbers suggest that it could happen again on Wednesday evening, while the odds against picking right numbers on basic two-line tickets are almost five-and-a half million to 1.

In order to win Lotto in any given week, you must have at least one person pick the correct six numbers out of a possible 47. A EUR4 lottery ticket has two lines.

While the National Lottery does NOT publish the number of lines sold, Dr Cronin estimates the numbers based upon the last two draws.

There were 1968 players that had four numbers in Saturday's draw. Since the chance of having four numbers is one in 918, he estimates that approximately 1.739 Million lines were purchased for that draw. Are You Trying to Win the Lotto?

Dividing in will give you a 16 percent chance of a win, and an 84 percent chance of a rollover.

The same exercise was used for the Wednesday draw. It showed that 1357 million lines were purchased, which gives a 13 percent chance of winning and an 87 percent chance of rolling over. Are You Hoping to Win the Lotto